Universal Soap Cleaner - 1 kg

Made in the USAoriginal european formula

This product truly deserves its "universal" name as it can literally solve more than one hundred of your everyday cleaning problems! It is the one, "BEST OF GREEN," all-purpose product no home should be without. It replaces most of the cleaning products you have under your sink. Saves you time and money.

Formulated with vegetable-based materials, it is 99% biodegradable and pH neutral. Chemically neutral, it cannot harm any washable surfaces. It is designed for all your cleaning needs...at home, in the garden, yard, stable, when traveling, camping and boating. Simply anywhere!

Ultra concentrated, therefore thrifty to use. Practical and easy to dispense. Diluted with water or used directly on a wet rag or sponge, it cleans powerfully and effortlessly. A great value to the very last drop.

pH neutral. Does not break down our natural skin protection (acid layer on skin). No more dry hands. No need to wear gloves.

Earth-friendly. Contains no phosphates, no optical brighteners, no formaldehyde, no ammonia, no chlorine bleach, no artificial coloring and no solvents. It is chemically neutral and alkali free.

Low-sudsing formula eliminates time consuming multiple rinsing. Just wipe and dry.

Safe for all washable surfaces, renders them nice and shiny. Dries to a squeak.
Especially great on windows, mirrors, chrome, wood and tile floors, glass or crystal, dishes, cutlery, washable leathers, etc. Even cleans your car or boat inside and out.

Use at full strength to pre-treat tough stains on laundry.

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Our "STEP ONE" product

1 bottle, if diluted to clean windows and mirrors, makes 400 gallons of solution, costing only 2 1/2 cents per gallon.

Replaces most products under your sink

Chemically neutral, does not harm any surfaces

Cuts your work in half, no need for multiple rinsing

Have something to show for your effort, beautiful clean and shiny surfaces

No more dry hands - pH balanced


Universal Soap Cleaner - 1 gal

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