HD Laundry Shampoo

Made in the USAoriginal low-sudsing european formula

This "BEST OF GREEN," ultra-concentrated, heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent deep cleans fibers while protecting the original fabrics. With heavy duty "natural" strength it surpasses all major brands in wash tests as the best stain remover, rendering whites bright white again while colors stay fresh and bright even after multiple laundering.

Earth-friendly. Contains no phosphates,no chlorine bleach and no optical brighteners.

Formulated to be as natural as possible.

Kind to your skin and fragrance free.

Suited for all temperatures. Most effective in hot to warm temperatures.

Dissolves stains. Renders whites bright white without additives such as bleach or optical brighteners.



Approx. 34 regular wash load applications per bottle, using 2 fl. ounces per wash

41 per regular load

No more re-washes

Best possible liquid formula by today's technology

Best of Green - low sudsing - non-irritant - ultra concentrated - static free

Natural works - we're proving it


HD Laundry Shampoo - 2.5 gal jug - renders 160 regular wash loads - pump sold separately

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